Jacob Zenz

Marketing Representative



Explain why you chose your degree

I chose to pursue a degree in marketing because I was exposed to the career path at a relatively young age and it has always piqued my interest. I am fascinated by the versatility that the industry has to offer, and I enjoy exploring consumer behaviors.

Interests and activities (snowshoeing, cattle herding, etc)

Wake-boarding, Skiing, Snowboarding, Hiking, Traveling

Your favorite project and why

I enjoy working on the ground floor displays! The projects are pretty straightforward, and printing/installing is always fun:)

What do you enjoy about working at SLC?

I enjoy the client communication, the company culture, and the people!

When did you join the SLC staff?

September 2021

Your top five strengths

Written communication, collaboration, relator, empathetic, determined

Favorite quote

"You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather"

What do you hope to do after graduation?

I hope to work on a marketing team within the entertainment industry. I would also love to pursue a post-graduation rotational program.