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Office of the President Promotional Items, 2016

The staff members of the Office of the President support the activities of the president, assist in managing the complexities of a modern research university presidency, and handle the day-to-day business of the office. This includes managing correspondence and requests that come into the office, scheduling, organizing and managing events the president attends, assisting in the preparation of materials that the president presents, serving as liaison between the president and both internal and external constituencies. The president's office staff members bring  strong professional skills, high levels of past and ongoing training in their specific areas of expertise, and broad experience in other areas within the university and in outside organizations. The Office of the President works to create an all inclusive university for Iowa.

This project, designed by M+D was meant to spread pride and information about the University of Iowa, consisted of several promotional greeting cards with envelopes and a notepad. The notepad included 25 pages of different facts (lovingly entitled Sparkle Facts) about the University. The greeting cards proudly display photos of new construction on campus and notable University of Iowa landmarks. There is also an informative card with helpful website URL’s for those seeking more information about the University of Iowa.

Liz Abramsohn, Creative Coodinator
Liz Abramsohn, Graphic Design
Erin Fitzgerald, Graphic Design
Bret Gothe, Marketing Director
Shannon Kelly, Marketing Representative

Office of the President

Services Provided:
Postcards Notepads

Date Completed:
August, 2016