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Iowa House Hotel, 2015

First opened in 1965 as a 112-room addition to the Iowa Memorial Union, the Iowa House Hotel sits in the heart of the University of Iowa campus and is located just 2 blocks from downtown Iowa City, Iowa, giving easy access to numerous restaurants and pubs, entertainment venues, museums, shopping malls, and much more.

The Iowa House Hotel is a convenient on-campus option for all visitors of the University of Iowa whether the occasion is for attending football or basketball games, student events like campus visits and orientation, or parents visiting their Hawkeyes. Revenue generated from the Iowa House Hotel helps to support the Iowa Memorial Union and student programming.

Marketing + Design strived to incorporate the Iowa House Hotel’s historic connection to the University of Iowa in its branding. This included a logo redesign, way finding signage, front desk vinyl graphics, key cards, stickers, greeting cards, and information handouts in all rooms at the Iowa House Hotel.

Erin Fitzgerald, Art Direction
Liz Abramsohn, Graphic Design
Erin Fitzgerald, Graphic Design
John Petsel, Graphic Design
Bret Gothe, Marketing Direction
Shannon Kelly, Marketing Representatitve
Lauren Katalinich, Marketing Specialist
Ben Lewis, Photography

Iowa Memorial Union

Services Provided:
Flyers Swag Brochure Photography

Date Completed:
April, 2015