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Iowa Grow, 2014

Learning • Connecting • Reflecting

Employment during college helps contribute to student success when meaningful connections between learning in the classroom and learning on the job are made evident. IOWA GROW® uses brief, structured conversations between student employees and their supervisors to help students connect the skills and knowledge they are gaining in the classroom with the work they are doing, and vice versa. IOWA GROW® is focused on making student employment a “high-impact activity” - one that requires students to reflect on their learning and connect their learning within and beyond the classroom.

IOWA GROW® is a program structured to help the students reflect on their work study experiences with the guidance of supervisors and focused questions. The main goal of IOWA GROW® is to assess the status of student workers and confirm their experiences are giving them the skills they need for their future careers. 

From the beginning, M+D was a great partner in creating these materials due to the fact that our office exemplifies the core values and initiatives of this unique program. By highlighting individual student experiences we've been able to demonstrate and communicate the success of this program campus-wide. A non-traditional marketing tactic was in the form of a plant kit, to raise awareness of the campaign and be a playful reminder of the IOWA GROW® slogan.

With our help, the program continues to positively impact students by relating their work experiences to their career goals.

Liz Abramsohn, Art Direction
Erin Fitzgerald, Art Direction
Sarah Lenger, Art Direction
Dustin Smart, Graphic Design
Austin Smoldt-Saenz, Graphic Design
Tyler Hackman, Marketing
Laura Miller, Marketing
Bret Gothe, Marketing Direction

Division of Student Life

Services Provided:
Posters Logos Flyers Digital Displays Notepads Promotional Items Website Videos

Date Completed:
December, 2014