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Becca Hildebrand


cats, crafts, puzzles, jogging, lifting, yoga, thrift-shopping, loom-weaving, cross-stitching, binge-watching, music, pizza, sunshine

What I enjoy about working at M+D

I love the opportunity to work with students to help them develop their skills as creative thinkers and designers during their time at the university. Some of my favorite aspects include sitting down together for concepting and providing feedback on their work, coordinating workshops and engagement sessions to enhance their learning, reviewing their portfolios and resumes at the end of their time here. Watching them connect what they're exploring in the classroom to what we challenge them with at M+D is so rewarding. It's bittersweet saying goodbye to our staff when they graduate, but exciting to send them off and see where they go with their careers. 

When I joined the M+D staff team

I started with M+D in August of 2015. I spent nearly four years working in the IMU before moving over to the CRWC office in the summer of 2019. Mental and physical health and wellness are huge interests of mine, so getting to be part of these projects and initiatives is greatly fulfilling.

Background and education

I received my BFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University in 2011. My first role out of college was with a print production company where I gained technical expertise in preparing files for digital, large format, and offset printing, with exposure to a variety of specialty finishing techniques. Prior to coming to the university, I was an art director at a creative agency where my main client was the home appliance division of LG Electronics. For over three years I worked closely with my creative director and wordsmith to develop campaigns and concepts, create point-of-purchase displays and print advertisements, and hone my skills with photo retouching and print production. Having a diverse background with a balance in multiple avenues of graphic design allows me to be a better resource for my students as they figure out where they want to go with their careers.

Creative Coordinator, Health + Wellness


Professional Staff