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Alex Herrick

Favorite M+D project and why?

My favorite project so far has been the University Birthday project, where I got to illustrate a cake. It was a lot of fun using different colors from what you usually see on campus.


I can't get enough of oil painting right now. I love making mixed media art and listening to music. 

Why I chose my degree

I chose my degree because I love being creative and making things. Designing is a challenge for me, which is why it's so much fun.

My top strengths

-Strong focus

-Team player

-Willingness to try anything and everything



What I've learned from my experience at M+D

So far I've learned how important communicating with others is on projects. Being passed on projects that other people have worked on, or having designs I've made be passed on has been a challenge in terms of creating unique and functional designs, and I love it.

Plans after graduation

Make murals for local communities anywhere and everywhere.

Marketing & Design

Graphic Designers

Graphic Design