Working at SLC (formerly M+D) isn't a job; it's an experience. Our professional-level on campus internships enable students to gain real-world experience while helping departments and programs at the University of Iowa. Students receive hands-on training and experience in marketing, design, strategic communication, campaign development, photography, videography, and website design/development. Our students leave with a real-life skills, a portfolio, and work experience to help them enter the workforce with a real advantage. 

Current student jobs at SLC

Student Life Communications hires student employees throughout the year. We require a one-year commitment from all our students, and we expect the highest level of quality work from each. 

Check this space to learn more about current job openings at SLC, or contact us to inquire about the possibilities. 

SLC position descriptions

Marketing Representative

Marketers display what we do best to future clients, and current clients. They know the strengths of the department and are prepared to show why our services are desirable. But their responsibilities go beyond displaying the office’s skills. Our Marketers also look to the past to see which of our projects were most successful and recreates such success for the future. 

Graphic Designer

Need an amazing, creative, original design for print? Our graphic design team can fulfill your needs. Give us a project, and we will find the most visually appealing look for your business. We can do anything from making appealing posters and simple advertisements, to intricate illustrations.


Our photographers take crisp photos for our print and web projects. Whether shooting an event or a studio shoot, our photographers know what will be the most aesthetically pleasing to the client.

Web Designer

The web designers at SLC strive to make University of Iowa’s websites look as good as possible. The web designers work carefully with clients to create a layout that highlights the importance of the client’s needs. They also work with the web developers to make sure a site is consistently maintained to continually meet the client’s needs.

Web Developer

Web Developers are devoted to programming custom websites and web applications for SLC and we make sure our client’s websites are functional, both technically and usably. The web developers are also devoted to making sure every site we have made (around 100!) is up-to-date and at its maximum level of functioning.


Videographers capture the raw emotion of the students throughout the University of Iowa. We then translate that into our own mini projects, or into a project for a client. We want the world to see you being you. Let’s work together so we can show the world exactly that.

Social Media Producer

Social media producers keep people at the University of Iowa up to date on important events that are happening on and around campus. They post on various social media and update websites, such as After Class and the Student Life at Iowa Blog. They also work on stories discussing life on campus and the Iowa City area.

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